The history of whoo seol whitening essence

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the history of whoo seol whitening essence

The history of Whoo gongjinhyang: seol (Whitening line

1ml x 30pcs (30ml) Sample newist Version. The history of Whoo seol Radiant White Essence. model : The history of Whoo seol Radiant White Essence 1ml. The history of Whoo gongjinhyang seol Whitening Essence contains highly concentrated wild chrysanthemum extract, a whitening ingredient, penetrates deep within the. "Comparison and overview of currently available neurotoxins". ( decompensatio cordis ). "fok man ik heb nú al een stijve! "Arrow (Ep.105) - damaged". "Max Huber not real?" seventy-seven-year-old countess Lucienne von doz, perched on a louis xivstyle sofa in her opulent all-beige living room, high in a luxury apartment building on Central Park west, throws back her head and laughs. "Rotterdam equally offers a very decent hands-on exposure to aesthetic surgery techniques and procedures at the velthuis clinics through Drs Jacques van der meulen and heike klepetko, and Bergman Clinic through the enthusiastic Dr Jeroen Stevens. . "Bill gaytten's dior couture Show Was Much Better Than Last season's".

the history of whoo seol whitening essence

The history of Whoo seol Whitening Range! I will cover one by one of those that I tried. Thanks for the detail review The history of Whoo gongjinhyang: seol whitening. History of Whoo seol Whitening. History of whoo whitening essence. The history of Whoo gongjinhyang seol Whitening Essence Special Set. Korean Cosmetics & skin Care Products Free gifts worldwide Shipping. The history of Whoo gongjinhyang seol Whitening Essence - korea cosmetic skincare online shop malaysia philippine indonesia singapore vietnam taiwan hongkong.

The history of Whoo gongjinhyang: seol (Whitening line

Review: the history of whoo whitening essence

In fact Im amazed by the powerful effect of oriental formula. Whoo only lists the ingredient list in Korean in the pamphlet, nonetheless thanks to this blogger has posted the English ingredient lists here. The seol line also contains alcohol. I understand from a cosmetic ingredient expert that certain oriental herbs need to be dissolved in alcohol but I wasnt sure if this applies to seol line too. As a whole i would say the seol line lives up to its whitening claim, naturkosmetik though skin texture seemed to remain unchanged. Sometimes skin was still experienced dullness especially when I was glued to chair long hours in the day but normally the skin returned to naturally glowing tone the next day. After seeing the beautiful whitening effect of seol line, i was disappointed they performed limited to those stubborn freckles. Together with sun care, the freckles appeared slightly lightened after a month use but they are still quite visible in my makkelijk eye, that is main reason of why i wanted to give the treatment Whitening Intensive a longer try despite i already tested. May be just my wishful dream to vanish the 22-year-old freckles, especially when clinical ipl treatment also did nothing much to my freckles.

It is advised to be used after the whitening lotion. The gel-cream is feeling lightweight and hydrating, it imparts cosmetically glowing skin as most gel-cream did. There is no greasy and sticky touch. In term of texture, i liked this more than the whitening lotion particularly when skin turned drier, however this most probably contains silicone ingredients that acne-prone skin might want to avoid. When my skin is oilier, using the entire seol line caused me minor bumps on next morning eventhough i used a small amount of this whitening cream only. When the skin turned combination-normal and easily get dehydrated especially the dry season is approaching here in november, the whole line worked really great for. After finished the whitening skin balancer and lotion, i used this whitening cream together with the Whitening Intensive (treatment   they have been kept my skin moisturized adequately day night. No tingling skin even I didnt wear the Clinie mask in morning. However, it wont be sufficient for very dry skin in harsh climate. Generally Im highly satisfied with the whitening effect.

From the user manual, it should be applied after using the whitening skin balancer and before the whitening lotion. It said made by precious medicinal herbal and secrets from courts in ancient times, manages dark skin blemish and help to provide balanced and transparent skin tone. Like the whitening Lotion, it loaded with many soft granules and it does require quite a while to be fully absorbed for combination skin, skin also looked quite shiny. However when I tried it in early nov, it absorbed more easily and didnt look very shiny. In order to see its effect, i had tried both routines skin Balancer lotion (with or without Essence) and I did notice the skin glowed more intensely by adding the essence into the routine but I didnt see appreciable lightened freckles. I was wondering if it was due to my lightened skin tone that reflected the freckles more obvious (?). Probably only an electronic skin analysis device can answer. Whitening Cream ( 150,000/ 50ml ). I actually bought the full size of this whitening cream first before i discovered the gift set. This whitening cream is the revamped 2011 formula. With new ingredients seolgamsan and Chilhyang Palbaeksan it said to enter deep inside the skin to create bright and clear skin like porcelain.

The history of Whoo : GongJinHyang seol Whitening Essence

The emulsion has abundant tiny granules as shown in my below picture. I didnt sense those granules upon applying as it just smoothed on like normal emulsion. I warm the tegen lotion in palms prior to applying, then lightly press the palms on skin to facilitate absorption. My face is shiny and wet right after the application but it actually quickly dried on skin after several minutes, feeling non-oily and no stickiness, it just moisturized adequately although I still wake up with oily face next morning. When I first started the skincare routine with seol, i only used the whitening skin balancer and this whitening lotion because the seol line is completely new to me, by trying them step by step, it would be easier and helpful to identify which product. I saw a radiant skin in the first week! The result was simply remarkable and I was so glad I have found another whitening skincare that delivered translucent skin tone other than the blue-bottle kose sekkisei. Most whitening products I have tried do give me radiant and even skin tone too, but not the type of translucent, soft illuminating, rosy skin tone that i always admire. Besides Kose sekkisei is probably more irritating to sensitive skin, i love this Whoo basic care imparts glowing skin from within. Whitening Essence ( 140,000/ 45ml ). I think this essence is the most emollient stuff among the seol line although its consistency is lotion-like, it is too greasy for oilier skin. the history of whoo seol whitening essence

This is to be used after the whitening soft toner. In the pamphlet, it said to be used after using Cheongan Brightening Water, well, i couldnt find a product called Cheongan Brightening Water in Whoos 2011 brochure and their website, it seemed that the product has been discontinued. What druk Whoo says about this, exotic oriental medicine-based chilhyang palbaeksan ingredients and gemguksu, a simmered and cold-processed wild chrysanthemum essence, are absorbed deep into skin to make the skin as clean and clear as a white gem. It enhances the effectiveness of skincare products used in subsequent steps. (so, this also helps absorption and the soft toner isnt that important in the routine actually). As you can see, its a milky fluid. Its very lightweight yet feeling moisturizing for my combination skin. I take a small amount on palm and apply with fingers, the milky fluid is absorbed into skin rapidly! It was quite moisturizing when my skin was on oily side but when my skin felt slightly taut after facial cleansing, this was very comfortable to soothe and hydrate. I really love this. Whitening Lotion ( 70,000/ 110ml ). I think this whitening lotion and the whitening skin Balancer are good combination for the combination skin.

The history Of Whoo thailand

The problem is, this seol whitening soft toner isnt suitable for sensitive skin. Update @ December 2012 : Whoo seol Soft Toner. Ever since i live in Malaysia, i notice my skin dryness has improved tremendously by itself. Thanks to the warm humid weather here, i am going to save a lot on cosmetics. Considering of more balanced stable skin here, i decided to give second chance to seol Soft Toner, a whitening toner that irritated my sensitive skin before but too painful to discard. A little bit more about the packaging. The glass bottle is very heavy, i think it can be a very sturdy vase too, of course it can only hold a stalk of flower. The spout allows precise dispense, though the opaque bottle has no way to tell how much it left. The clear watery toner turned slight yellowish after storing in a very warm room for a period. However, i had not experienced any skin irritation this time, it hydrated my skin nicely and brightening effect was noticeable. Whitening kids skin Balancer ( 55,000/ 130ml ). You might notice most Korean skincare have non-watery consistency for their skincare primer, often called skin balancer or skin refiner.

the history of whoo seol whitening essence

Therefore, please note this review is mainly based on duizeligheid trial set that enough for approximately.5 months (Sept nov) use. My skin was generally oily-combination in Sept to Oct and combination-normal-easily dehydrated in nov, weather temperature averaging 28-30C and humidity 50-70. Whitening Soft Toner ( 65,000/ 100ml ). Having sensitive skin, i rarely use toner. I had only purchased three toners (Muji, eucerin and Vichy) in past several years and they are all formulated for sensitive skin. Toner in my beauty lexicon is mainly meant for purifying and clarifying, which sometimes could be too harsh for my naturally sensitive skin especially my early years of skincare had proven the fact. I splurged this on whim and regretfully, it didnt work for my skin either. This whitening soft toner said to tone the skin, creates a clear and smooth base, and helps increase absorption of herbal elements. The clear watery content is absorbed quickly into skin, it isnt hydrating that I need to apply the skin balancer as soon as the toner dried on skin else the skin would feel tight. I only sensed the mild tingling skin on 2nd or 3rd day and thought this was the culprit since i didnt start using all the seol products together. Having said that, i do decollete think toner is useful to help skincare ingredient absorption, you can read my review of Eucerin skin Balancing Toner that I had performed a simple test to tell the difference.

The history of Whoo gongjinhyang:seol Whitening Essence

Being lg niche skincare, the history of Whoo is an oriental medicinal skincare based on secret royal court ingredients gongjinhyang with modern cosmetics technology. Seol literally means Snow, is Whoos whitening line. According to Whoo, seol uses oriental herbs to treat the hidden speckles under the skin, producing internal glow from the depth of the skin. Lg has revamped some of the product in seol line in early 2011, adding new whitening ingredients seolgamsan and Chilhyangmibaeksan. I must admit the whitening line is immensely pricey! The most expensive whitening line that I have used to date. Seol has been received good reviews online and I was tempted to splurge! I had known places like korea gmarket is selling high-end Korea cosmetics samples at incredible cheap price but I didnt buy from them at the end because i was unable to differentiate between authentic and the fake one, later my korea counterpart told me that. Anyway, i finally purchased a gift set in Korea with normal retail price because the gift set was not available at the duty free. These were the whitening products i used Whitening Pure Essence (5ml Whitening Lotion (20ml Whitening skin Balancer (20ml Whitening Soft Toner (100ml Brightening Cleansing foam (40ml Whitening Intensive (20ml) and Whitening Cream (10ml). This is going to be a long post, so please bear me some patience (v). I will do a separate review for full-size whitening Intensive because i wanted to see its long term effect, so i would need another few months before i conclude my final thought.

The history of whoo seol whitening essence
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the history of whoo seol whitening essence Etico, Sun, April, 29, 2018

Okay, lets start with the consistency of the product. This essence comes in shimmery opaque white water-like substance. Its not too oily, yet not that moisturizing for the dry skins. For me, well since i have mad oily skin this essence is just right! It doesnt make my face oily, but I can feel that it gives my skin enough moisture through out the day oh dont worry, this will not make your face shimmery all day.

the history of whoo seol whitening essence Itacexe, Sun, April, 29, 2018

I bought 4 sample size of this and now Im already halfway on my last sample pack. The history of Whoo seol Whitening Essence. I really really regret that I didnt take before-after photos. Although, Im not sure if you can see the difference in photos.

the history of whoo seol whitening essence Yjode, Sun, April, 29, 2018

Lately ive been pushing myself to update my blog, but somehow either I got lazy or Im just not in the mood to blog Ah why is this happening. Anyway, im here today to share my thoughts about. The history Of Whoo seol Whitening Essence first. Ive been using this for about a week.

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