Total facelift ervaringen

March 2014, rotterdam - henny Prasetyanugraheni Kreshanti (jakarta, indonesia) The flexibility of this fellowship program made it possible to cherry pick the field in facial reconstruction which we would like to focus. Im very fortunate that during the first part of the fellowship which is in Rotterdam, i could spend most of my time in Sophia childrens Hospital, the home of the dutch Craniofacial Unit. This experience gave me supplements the opportunity to follow 3 craniofacial surgeons who work there. It is always interesting to see different people doing the same things differently, understand the basic principles and then later on adopt and combine the most suitable technique for us and for our own patient population. And thank you very much. Jacques van der meulen for his flexibility, support and well-connectivity, i could spend some times in other craniofacial centers which are sahlgrenska university hospital Gothenburg, Sweden and Hopital Necker Enfants Malades Paris, France, to experience some specific pathology i was interested in, which just. December 2013, The hague - stephanie van de beeten gertjan Halbesma (Amsterdam, netherlands) Stephanie van de beeten gertjan Halbesma op bezoek. Stevens provides step-by-step instruction for his procedures and is current with scientific research in facial cosmetic surgery, in particular lipofilling (fat grafting) in which he allowed me to contribute to some research." December 2013, rotterdam - vasidov shavkat (Khujand, tajikistan) I want to express. Mureau for their hard work, patience, kindness, understanding and for the high professionalism. They tried to give me not only knowledge but most importantly practical skills. Personally for me it was an incredible opportunity to work with such professional surgeons and learn skills from all of them. . Dr jjnm van der meulen patiently answered to all my questions. Thanks to him, ive learned modern and state of the art approaches to surgical treatment which Ill try to use in my practice. .

total facelift ervaringen

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Some of the most fascinating cases included a total nasal reconstruction with a free radial forearm flap, as well as 8 nasal reconstructions with local forehead flaps using a 3-stage technique. This level of exposure provided significant learning which I can take back with me to my home training units in the. In addition to these facial procedures, there was plenty of opportunity to also get involved in breast reconstructions and other general plastic surgery procedures. While i was there the surgeons had just started using the Profunda Arterty perforator (PAP) free flap for breast reconstruction, which was definitely a new and interesting learning experience and which I had never seen before. Although the fellow has the opportunity to assist in the microvascular cases, one of the undoubted strengths of this fellowship is the microsurgery training laboratory. This was an invaluable experience and i only wish we had such amazing facilities for trainees to use in plastic surgery units back in the. I was booked in for whole nature day sessions virtually every week, accumulating nearly 40-45 hours of direct microsurgery experience. Overall, this was 3 months very well spent i learnt many new concepts and techniques in the area of facial reconstruction and facial aesthetics, and also consolidated on areas in which I was already familiar. There was also significant learning in observing how different healthcare systems work particularly comparing how services are delivered and how trainees are trained. Therefore, these are also important lessons that I will take back to the uk to see how we can improve our own training system, in addition to my own personal exposure and benefit from this fellowship.

total facelift ervaringen

, the administrative organisation of the. The weekly theatre schedules are emailed to the fellows well in advance, and although in Dutch, it is a good opportunity to translate the cases and plan the week ahead. There is also a weekly planning meeting, which all residents and some consultants attend, providing an interesting insight into the working dynamic of the unit and an opportunity to compare the uk teaching methods with those at Erasmus. These meetings stimulate interesting discussions about the management of upcoming cases, and I found these very educational and thought-provoking. I also felt welcome to join in the discussions and ask questions, as the meetings were held in English specifically for the benefit of any overseas fellows present. Most importantly, we were allowed to plan our own timetable to fit in with our interests and focus on the areas in which we felt we needed greatest exposure craniofacial/cleft, facial/h n reconstruction or aesthetic or a combination of the three. I had a specific need to increase my exposure to head and neck and facial reconstruction, as my training has provided limited exposure to date, and therefore the ability to plan my week ahead was invaluable to maximise exposure and opportunities in this area. There was a wide range of procedures in which i either scrubbed in as assistant or observed. Specifically, i assisted in 37 facial aesthetic procedures including macs lifts, facial lipofilling, blepharoplasties, brow lifts and rhinoplasties. In terms of head and neck and facial reconstructions, i was involved with 41 cases, including microvascular reconstructions using free alt and Radial Forearm flaps, 4 total ear reconstructions, eyelid reconstructions and multiple nasal reconstructions, as well as facial reanimation cases involving static (gold weights.

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His enthusiasm as a teacher is truly inspirational.". October 2014, rotterdam/Thrissur - serafeim bouloumpasis (Athens, Greece). I participated in this fellowship for 6 months, in Netherlands and India, with special interest in Aesthetics and paediatrics". "Rotterdam equally offers a very decent hands-on exposure to aesthetic surgery techniques and procedures at the velthuis clinics online through Drs Jacques van der meulen and heike klepetko, and Bergman Clinic through the enthusiastic Dr Jeroen Stevens. . September 2014, rotterdam/Londen - oladipupo Oladimeji (Lagos, nigeria) "I am profoundly grateful to you and your team for the knowledge and skills imparted, also for your patience and kind words of advise on Aesthetic surgery; especially for the opportunity offered to have a hands-on experience. I am humbled by the experience. You are everyone's favorite surgeon. September 2014, rotterdam - kamran Mirsheka (Romania). Kamran Mirshekar uit roemenie bezocht ons gedurende 3 maanden vanaf juli 2014 en verdiepte zich in het 1,2,3D concept. June 2014, rotterdam, Dr Eilis Fitzgerald (Ireland). Dr Eilis Fitzgerald uit Ierland is op werkbezoek geweest gedurende de maanden april tot en met juni 2014. March 2014, rotterdam - piyush Durani (Leicester, uk).

I felt safe and settled in easily. Thanks to all generous and hospitable surgeons and staffs everywhere i got. . For young plastic surgeons, especially those with some practice background, who interest in facial aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, this fellowship will boost your experience and provide exposure to real challenging patients through the intensive 3 months. March 2015, rotterdam - leonardo ioppolo (Sicily, italy). Van Januari tot maart 2015 was leonardo bezoeker aan de kliniek. "I miss your surgeries a lot. . For sure i'm interested to have a collaboration with you". March 2015, rotterdam - joão martins (Portugal). João martins sometimes when I'm operating with david, we remember your principles and talk about it! João (hier op de foto met collega bezoeker leonardo ioppolo) bezocht de kliniek van januari tot en met maart 2015. October 2014, rotterdam - adnan Tahir, (Middlesbrough, uk) "I would like to thank Dr Jerome Stevens for sharing his knowledge and philosophy in the field of Lipofilling, fat transfer and facelifts.

The aesthetic part obviously makes this fellowship different. I managed to see and assist in various procedures, for example; rhinoplasty with. Jacques van der meulen, lipofilling and facial rejuvenation with. Jeroen Stevens, Breasts and body contouring with. Heike klepetko, these are just to name a few. These operations need time to learn and allow no learning-curve mistake, so make sure you look and memorise attentively. For those who are doing head and neck tumor reconstruction, i highly recommend Daniel den hoed Cancer Center as there is every type of defect you can imagine and you can learn the concept and artistry of aesthetic facial reconstruction from the master,. All other attending plastic surgeons in Erasmus mc are extremely experienced and efficient. I was able to learn from true experts not only surgical techniques but also planning, problem solving, and the most important for me as a young surgeon, decision making. . The given operative lists are in Dutch but you can understand them with only little helps just for the first couple days and then, fellows, just choose what you want to see or ask and you will be welcomed to scrub. So far away from home, rotterdam was a pleasant, organized, and friendly city.

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Aside from the increased surgical knowledge and skills, it has fostered friendships and mutual connections among plastic surgeons from different countries and it may have unlocked possible future collaborations between Dutch and international plastic surgeons. I would definitely recommend to bogyó all young plastic surgeons interested in facial plastic surgery to pursue this fellowship training! October 2015, rotterdam- jirawatnotai supasid (Thailand) thanassi Athanassopoulos (Greece). Jirawatnotai supasid (links) en Thanassi Athanassopoulos, (rechts) bezoekers van juli tot oktober 2015. . Thanassi: I'm going to come to learn some more one liners. July 2015, rotterdam - indri lahksmi putri (Indonesia). Putri lahksmi. Laxminarayan Bhandari uit India bezochten de kliniek van april tot en met juni 2015. Op beschrijven zij hun ervaringen. June 2015 - supasid Jirawatnota (Bangkok, thailand). In juni 2015 bezocht Supasid Jirawatnota (Bangkok, thailand) Rotterdam. The dafprs program is really an enormous variety of operative procedures involving, of course, facial reconstruction and aesthetic, craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery, and also other reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries of the body (I made up my mind to explore only in the field. total facelift ervaringen

At the Adult Hospital of the Erasmus Medical Center,. Marc Mureau and. Mathijssen provided me opportunities to witness varied reconstructive procedures indicated for oncologic, trauma or congenital deformities. All our mentors were inspiring, sincere and rood generous and I feel very fortunate to have worked and trained under such extraordinary plastic surgeons. I also had the chance to learn and practice some skills at the microsurgery skills Lab of the Erasmus Medical Center. The staff members were commendable for their patience and generosity in teaching basic microsurgical principles, most especially Mrs. The residents of the department of Plastic Surgery were friendly and very helpful. Discussions during weekly conferences and in the operating room were conducted in English. Operating room lists from six institutions were sent one to two weeks ahead of their schedule, allowing me to plan ahead so that I could maximize the training I could gain in a period of three months. The flexibility of the schedule and the wide range of procedures one can choose from were amazing and contributed to making me learn as much as I could during the fellowship. The fellowship has broadened my experience in all aspects of facial plastic surgery and has given me more confidence and new skills as I begin my practice in my home country.

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Special thanks are in order to Mrs. Perlita van woerkom, who facilitated practical arrangements for me and was very generous and hospitable especially during my first few weeks of adjusting to my new environment. This invaluable experience has given me the privilege of assisting and observing. Van der meulen,. Heike klepetko and. Jeroen Stevens in their cosmetic procedures at their private clinics. They were all very enthusiastic teachers and generous with their time and knowledge, and the trade secrets they have imparted to me and my co-fellow. Radek lhotsky from czech Republic have added immensely to the treasure trove of new techniques and skills we brought home for our own private practices. At the sophia childrens Hospital, i am grateful and honored to have assisted and observed. Irene mathijssen and. Sarah Versnel in various procedures in the fields of craniofacial twee and congenital surgery. For a young craniofacial surgeon such as myself, having hands-on experience in cranial vault remodeling, otoplasty and cleft surgery was fascinating and exciting every single time.

total facelift ervaringen

Deze fellows kwamen van ver. Klik hier en hoor hoe ze het vonden in hun eigen taal. Inmiddels hosten we al fellows uit meer dan 22 landen. December 2015, rotterdam - jocelin Lledo (Manila, the Philipines) co-fellow. Radek lhotsky from czech Republic. Jocelin Lledo (Manila, the Philipines) vertelt over haar werkbezoek aan Nederland: Words cannot aptly describe how much i appreciate the opportunities this fellowship has opened up for. Being one huidzorg of the fellows to rotate in Rotterdam during a three-month period from October to december 2015 was an exhilarating and unforgettable experience for which i am truly grateful. First off, i would like to thank. Jacques van der meulen for choosing me as one of the recipients of the fellowship posts. Attending this fellowship was an excellent opportunity for me to acquire international experience and develop my knowledge and proficiency in craniofacial, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The wide-ranging and diverse scope covered in the fellowship has expanded my professional as well as personal perspective.

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Fellow visitors, as co-founder of dafprs, the dutch Association for Plastic and Reconstructive surgery,. Stevens has been instrumental in providing numerous national and international fellowships for plastic surgeons of the face. Here are what some of these fellows have to say about. Click here for a world map, form where fellows visited. August 2016, rotterdam - anas Aljabbari (Dubai, the United Arab Emirates). Anas Aljabbari, visitor from Dubai, on her last working day before returning to dubai. March 2016, rotterdam - sanjay naran (Pittsburg, usa) en Alberto córdova (Lima, peru). Naran Sanjay, bezoeker uit Pittsburgh, geeft zijn ervaring na zijn bezoek aan de kliniek: "Learned a lot working with you. Thank you botox so much. You're enthusiasm was much appreciated!".

Total facelift ervaringen
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Depending on the desired changes you express, your consultation may discuss the following facelift procedures: Full Face lift, i feel invisible and want to do something that makes me look more vibrant. A full Facelift is a surgical transformation of the forehead, upper and lower eyelids, mid face, and the lower face and neck. It usually involves a brow lift, mid facelift and neck lift. In the past few years, i have been complimenting these techniques with fat injections to additionally provide volume to the dermis layer.

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The one that fits you best, even if it doesn't have a catchy name!". During your initial Facelift consultation, it is important for you to explain just what looking younger means to you. To help us determine which procedure or combination of procedures might best produce the desired results, there has to be a good understanding between surgeon and patient.

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There are actually many different types of facelifts and the results are heavily dependent on the surgeon's assessment during consultation and techniques during surgery. "More and more plastic surgery savvy patients come to my office asking for a specific procedure. So which kind of Facelift should you get?

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What is a facelift? A facelift, also called rhytidecomy, is a plastic surgery procedure which tightens wrinkles and sagging skin on the face and neck. The goal is a natural, refreshed facial appearance which helps you look younger, not 'done.'. How is a facelift performed?

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