Magazines for women in their 20s

In July 1928, john Logie baird demonstrated the world's first color transmission, using scanning discs at the transmitting and receiving ends with three spirals of apertures, each spiral with a filter of a different primary color; and three light sources at the receiving end, with. 35 That same year he also demonstrated stereoscopic television. 36 In 1927, baird transmitted a long-distance television signal over 438 miles (705 km) of telephone line between London and Glasgow ; baird transmitted the world's first long-distance television pictures to the central Hotel at Glasgow Central Station. 37 baird then set up the baird Television development Company Ltd, which in 1928 made the first transatlantic television transmission, from London to hartsdale, new York, and the first television programme for the bbc. 38 biological progress: penicillin edit further information: History of penicillin For decades biologists had vervolgopleiding been at work on the medicine that became penicillin. In 1928, Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming discovered a substance which killed a number of disease-causing bacteria. In 1929, he named the new substance penicillin. His publications were largely ignored at first but it became a significant antibiotic in the 1930s. In 1930, cecil george paine, a pathologist at the royal Infirmary in Sheffield, attempted to use penicillin to treat sycosis barbae, eruptions in beard follicles, but was unsuccessful. Moving on to ophthalmia neonatorum, a gonococcal infection in infants, he achieved the first recorded cure with penicillin, on november 25, 1930.

magazines for women in their 20s

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Four other silent baardgroei features, all low-budget Westerns, were also released in early 1930. 32 aviation edit British flier Amy johnson in 19s also included milestones in aviation that seized the world's attention. In 1927, Charles Lindbergh rose to fame with the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight. He took off from roosevelt field in New York and landed on the parisle bourget Airport. It took lindbergh.5 hours to cross the Atlantic Ocean. 33 His aircraft, the Spirit. Louis, was a custom-built, single engine, single-seat monoplane. It was designed by aeronautical engineer Donald. In Britain Amy johnson (19031941) was the heroine, as the first woman to fly alone from Britain to australia. Flying solo or with her husband, jim Mollison, she set numerous long-distance records during the 1930s. 34 Television edit The 1920s saw numerous inventors continue the work on television, but programs did not reach the public until the eve of the second World War, and few people saw any before the late 1940s.

magazines for women in their 20s

producing their own sound films and talking films. In February 1929, sixteen months after The jazz singer, columbia pictures became the 8th and last major studio of its era to release a talking feature. In may 1929, warner Bros. Released On with the Show! (1929 the first all-color, all-talking feature film. 31 soon silent film production ceased. The last totally silent feature produced in the United States for general distribution was The poor Millionaire, released by biltmore pictures in April 1930.

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27 In 1928, the film studios Famous Players-Lasky (later known as Paramount Pictures first National Pictures, metro-goldwyn-mayer, universal Studios signed an agreement with Electrical Research Products Inc. (erpi) for the conversion of production facilities and theaters for sound film. Initially, all erpi-wired theaters were made vitaphone-compatible; most were equipped to project movietone reels as well., radio corporation of America (RCA) marketed a new sound system, the rca photophone system. Rca offered the rights to its system to the subsidiary rko pictures. Continued releasing a few films with live dialogue, though only in a few scenes. It finally released Lights of New York (1928 the first all-talking full-length feature film. The animated short film Dinner Time (1928) by the van beuren Studios was baku among the first animated sound films. It was followed a few months later by the animated short film Steamboat Willie (1928 the first sound film by the walt Disney animation Studios. It was the first commercially successful animated short film and introduced the character Mickey mouse. 29 Steamboat Willie was the first cartoon to feature a fully post-produced soundtrack, which distinguished it from earlier sound cartoons. It became the most popular cartoon of its day.

Meanwhile, inventor Theodore case developed the movietone sound system and sold the rights to the film studio fox Film. In 1926, the vitaphone sound system was introduced. The feature film Don juan (1926) was the first feature-length film to utilize the vitaphone sound system with a synchronized musical score and sound effects, though it had no spoken dialogue. 25 The film was released by the film studio warner Bros. In October 1927, the sound film The jazz singer (1927) turned out to be a smash box office success. It was innovative for its use of sound. Produced with the vitaphone system, most of the film does not contain live-recorded audio, relying on a score and effects. When the movie's star, Al Jolson, sings, however, the film shifts to sound recorded on the set, including both his musical performances and two scenes with ad-libbed speech—one of Jolson's character, jakie rabinowitz (Jack robin addressing a cabaret audience; the other an exchange between him. The "natural" sounds of the settings were also audible. 26 The film's profits were proof enough to the film industry that the technology was worth investing.

magazines for women in their 20s

The 1927 establishment of the federal Radio commission introduced a new era of regulation. In 1925, electrical recording, one of the greatest advances in sound recording, became available for commercially issued gramophone records. Cinema replaces vaudeville edit The cinema boomed, producing a new form of entertainment that virtually ended the old vaudeville theatrical genre. Watching a film was cheap and accessible; crowds surged into new downtown movie palaces and neighborhood theaters. Since the early 1910s, lower-priced cinema successfully competed with vaudeville. Many vaudeville performers and other theatrical personalities were recruited by the film industry, lured by greater salaries and less arduous working conditions. The introduction of the sound film at the end of the decade in the 1920s eliminated vaudeville's last major advantage. Vaudeville was in sharp financial decline. The prestigious Orpheum Circuit, a chain of vaudeville and movie theaters, was absorbed by a new film studio. 24 sound movies edit In 1923, inventor lee de forest at Phonofilm released a number of short films with sound.

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Only about 300,000 vehicles were registered in 1918 in all of Canada, but by 1929, there were.9 million, and automobile parts were being manufactured in Ontario, near Detroit, michigan. The automotive industry's effects on other segments of the economy were widespread, contributing to such industries as steel production, highway building, motels, service stations, used car dealerships, and new housing outside the range of mass halen transit. Ford opened factories around the world and proved a strong competitor in most markets for its low-cost, easy-maintenance vehicles. General Motors, to a lesser degree, followed along. European competitors avoided the low-price market and concentrated on more expensive vehicles for upscale consumers. 23 Radio edit radio became the first mass broadcasting medium. Radios were expensive, but their mode of entertainment proved revolutionary. Radio advertising became the grandstand for mass marketing. Its economic importance led to the mass culture that has dominated society since this period. During the " Golden Age of Radio radio programming was as varied as the television programming of the 21st century. magazines for women in their 20s

New products and technologies edit mass production made technology affordable to the erfahrungen middle class. 16 Automobiles edit further information: Cars in the 1920s The automotive industry, the film industry, the radio industry, and the chemical industry skyrocketed during the 1920s. Of chief importance was the automotive industry. Before the war, cars were a luxury good. In the 1920s, mass-produced vehicles became common throughout the United States and Canada. By 1927, the ford Motor Company discontinued the ford Model t, after selling 15 million units of that model. The model had been in continued production from October face 1917 18 The company planned to replace the old model with a new one, ford Model. 19 The decision was a reaction to competition. Due to the commercial success of the model t, ford had dominated the automotive market from the mid-1910s to the early 1920s. In the mid-1920s, ford's dominance eroded, as its competitors had caught up with Ford's mass production system. They began to surpass Ford in some areas, offering models with more powerful engines, new convenience features, or cosmetic customization.

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Formal decorative frills were shed in favor of practicality in both daily life and architecture. At the homedics same time, jazz and dancing rose in popularity, in opposition to the mood of World War. As such, the period is also often referred to as the jazz age. The wall Street Crash of 1929 ended the era, as the Great Depression brought years of worldwide gloom and hardship. 13 Contents Economy edit Chart 1: usa gdp annual pattern and long-term trend, 192040, in billions of constant dollars 14 The roaring Twenties was a decade of great economic growth and widespread prosperity, driven by recovery from wartime devastation and postponed spending, a boom. The economy of the United States, which had successfully transitioned from a wartime economy to a peacetime economy, boomed and provided loans for a european boom as well. However, some sectors were stagnant, especially farming and coal mining. The United States became the richest country in the world per capita and since the late 19th century was the largest in terms of total gdp. Its industry was based on mass production, and its society acculturated into consumerism. European economies, by contrast, had a more difficult postwar readjustment and began to flourish about 1924. 15 At first, the end of wartime production caused a brief but deep recession, the postWorld War I recession of 191920. Quickly, however, the American and Canadian economies rebounded as returning soldiers re-entered the labor force and munitions factories were retooled to produce consumer goods.

magazines for women in their 20s

Aviation became a business. The economies saw rapid industrial growth, accelerated consumer demand, haarband plus significant changes in lifestyle and culture. The media focused on celebrities, especially sports heroes and movie stars, as cities rooted for their home teams and filled the new palatial cinemas and gigantic sports stadiums. In most major democratic states, women won the right to vote. The social and cultural features known as the roaring Twenties began in leading metropolitan centers, then spread widely in the aftermath of World War. The United States gained dominance in world finance. Thus, when Germany could no longer afford to pay world War I reparations to the United Kingdom, france and the other Allied Powers, the United States came up with the dawes Plan ; named after banker, and later 30th Vice President Charles. Wall Street invested heavily in Germany, which repaid its reparations to countries that, in turn, used the dollars to pay off their war debts to washington. By the middle of the decade, prosperity was widespread, with the second half of the decade known, especially in Germany, as the " Golden Twenties ". 12 The spirit of the roaring Twenties was marked by a general feeling of novelty associated with modernity and a break with traditions. Everything seemed to be feasible through modern technology. New technologies, especially automobiles, moving pictures, and radio, brought "modernity" to a large part of the population.

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For other uses, see, roaring Twenties (disambiguation). The, roaring Twenties was the period of, western society and. Western culture that occurred during and around the 1920s. It was a period of sustained economic prosperity with a distinctive cultural edge in the United States and. Western Europe, particularly in major cities such. Berlin, 1, chicago, 2, london, 3, los Angeles, 4, new York city, 5, paris, 6 and, sydney. In the, french Third Republic, the decade was known as the " années folles " Crazy years 8 emphasizing the era's social, artistic and cultural dynamism. Jazz music blossomed, the flapper redefined the modern look for British and American women, 9 10 and, art Deco peaked. 11 Not everything roared: in the wake of the hyper-emotional patriotism of World War i, warren. Harding brought back normalcy to the politics of the United States. This era saw the large-scale use of automobiles, telephones, motion pictures, radio, house and electric appliances.

Magazines for women in their 20s
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While men in their 30s say: Generally more expert at the multisensory/theatrical aspects of the whole dance. — anonymous, 30 (single much better sex — anonymous, 32 (actively dating when I was in my 20s, i was drawn to older women because it gave me a certain level of confidence because she was established. Shes not as needy.

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— billy, 27 (has a girlfriend). I think women in their 30s are in their prime. Sexual maturity, the way that they carry themselves — for me something about it screams woman. — alex Sanza, 28 (single they are more stable. — solomon, 29 (just started seeing someone over 30).

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— josé fernández, 24 (single i appreciate the grace and expression of slightly older women. Certain facial features, like smile lines, can be charming. — niv, 25 (single they know what they want. There is more of an end game. So if you meet their criteria, theyre good.

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(Then again, just because a guy wants to date a younger girl, doesnt necessarily mean she wants to date him!). As a woman over 30, i decided to try to get to the bottom of this conundrum by asking a series of straight, unmarried men in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s to find out why some actually prefer to date older women. Turns out, theres lots to love about women of a certain age. Men in their 20s date women over 30 because: They understand better how to interact in a relationship.

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Weve all heard the sobering statistics: given a choice, straight men of all ages would rather date women in their twenties. Women, on the other hand, prefer guys closer to their own age. In September, a study of 12,000 Finns reaffirmed what prior research had already established. But theres something fishy about all that data. If dudes were really so set on their caveman-era mating habits, wouldnt we see more single ladies over 30 home knitting tea cozies on Friday nights?

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