Laws changed, employment opportunities opened up, and the political landscape brightened. Transpeople emerged from the shadows, taking their rightful places in society. My long-ago transition was no longer the 'elephant in the room blocking people from seeing the career-story looming beyond. It was time to return to my intellectual roots in science, mathematics and engineering, time to share what I can about such things. Lynn's ibm-acs archive and Reminiscences: I was hired by ibm research right out of graduate school and soon joined what would become the ibm advanced Computing Systems (a pioneering supercomputer project just as it was forming in 1965. It was a golden era in computer research, a time when fundamental breakthroughs were being made across a wide front. The well-distilled and highly codified results of that and subsequent work, as contained in todays modern textbooks, give no clue as to how those breakthroughs came. Lost in those texts is all the excitement, the challenge, the confusion, the camaraderie, the chaos and the fun the feeling of what it was really like to be there, at the frontier, at that time. In this, my first foray into memoir writing, i hoped to bring some of that thrill back to life. This effort was also essential preparation for writing the follow-on badzout vlsi memoir. The reason was that I'd gained many valuable scientific and engineering insights while at acs, and had drawn heavily upon those insights during my later vlsi research. Many questions also lingered about what had happened at acs. .


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See also related historical article: paul Penfield, "The vlsi revolution at mit 2014 mit eecs connector, spring 2014,. ( pdf of overall issue ) Lynn's Columbia university reminiscences. Career Memoirs quoem re career Memoirs: e iπ 1 0 leonhard Euler Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein If you do not expect the migraine unexpected, you will not recognize it when it arrives heraclitus " go off and do something wonderful. " robert (Bob) noyce it is the story that matters not just the ending. paul Lockhart "Rumor was that somebody named Conway had gone off the reservation, slipped up the river into cambodia, and was spreading unsound methods " lynn Conway "If mpc79 didnt work my name would be kurtzd. " lynn Conway lynn and her husband Charlie, 2010 click photo for higher-res version ( more, more, more, more ) Introduction: During the early 2010's, i began sketching reflections on my experiences in engineering. I'd learned many lessons during my work at ibm-acs in the 1960's and the 'mead-Conway' vlsi revolution in the 1970's. . I hoped to illuminate those experiences in memoirs before time ran out, believing lessons-learned back then might prove useful to young engineers in the future. Times had also changed enough to seriously begin this work. The widespread internet-based trans-advocacy of the 00's had had great impact: The pronouncements of leading American psychiatrists on gender variance were exposed as 'unsound'.


sunny day as I headed toward the building 8 entrance. Although he was seemingly lost in thought, i tried to catch his eye, wondering what he saw inside his mind. Whatever it was, he was clearly still doing it at an advancing age. A signal also rose above the noise: I was meant to do engineering after all. But suddenly my whole world came crashing down. Unable to find any help, my intense efforts to resolve my lifelong gender-issues totally failed. Losing all hope of ever becoming a girl and living a meaningful life, i dropped out late in my senior year. . However, mit had made its mark. I would instantly feel at home upon returning, two decades later. " see full reminiscence at this link: Lynn Conway, "mit reminiscences: Student years to vlsi revolution m, march 11, 2014.

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"It's what set off my tomboyish adventure-seeking." Rock zeelandnet Climbing hiking and Backpacking Physical Training xc skiing and Snowshoeing 10k running Whitewater Canoeing and Slalom Racing motocross and Supercross Racing Adventure hunting and fieldcraft Educational Reminiscences Lynn's mit reminiscences: A trip back in time:. And the Charles river Basin as seen from Lynn's apartment. Click on individual photos to access higher-resolution images. "Theres always excitement in the air at mit. . I first breathed that air in September 1955, as a 17 year old freshman moving into east Campus. As door after door of knowledge opened before me, i filled with feelings of empowerment. Those feelings soon extended into everything I did, whether sailing Tech Dinghy's on a blustery day, or rock climbing in the quincy quarries, or later-on when exploring New England on a motorcycle. Starting out in course-8 (Physics) I did well, making High Honors deans List a number of times (mit had dean's Lists back then). But after taking the course-6 (Electrical Engineering) circuits sequence, i became unsure of my goals. Partly it was the magic of the time. A huge paradigm shift was underway in pulse and digital electronic circuitry, triggered by the wwii tsunami of innovation at mits Rad Lab. Id also been inspired by brilliant young ee instructors like dudley buck, who enabled us to visualize at a glance the behaviors of devices and circuitry we were playing around with inside our minds.

She completed her transition in 1968 while living in San Francisco. "Most of my transition mentors were trans-girls who were either sex workers or entertainers at places like finnochio's she said, reflecting on an era long past. "No way could I have been out back then and found a regular job. I didn't have the talent to be an entertainer, so i'd have ended up in sex work." All along, sports were conway's crutch, her supporting shoulder. The adventure sports were dangerous and difficult, but transitioning was as well. However, the sports were also exciting. "It's the learning that's fun, the exploring that's fun she said. Conway became a widely known computer pioneer while living in stealth after her transition. She also took up whitewater slalom racing and went on to motocross racing, sports that, no doubt, brought her back to summer camp, at age 10, in maine. "Camp was a transformative experience in my life because all at once i learned about things like making fires, hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, rifle shooting and more conway said.


"Although scared of heights, i worked up to some modest climbing in Yosemite valley —and passionately enjoyed." Conway, who lives west of Ann Arbor, has been married to Charlie since 2002; they have been together since 1988. The two were in Washington. C., this past June for the President's White house reception in celebration of lgbt pride month. Joy, hope and optimism carried throughout the event, filled with other activists, advocates and allies. Conway has been out and a trans-rights advocate for 15 years, although her involvement with the lgbt community began decades earlier. "When I went away to college in 1955, i was finally free to begin exploring—but it was very difficult conway said. "I thought I was gay early on because society was telling me i was. So i sort of randomly tried to find my way into the gay world, but that didn't work." Enjoying sailing while in college, conway was also drawn to rock climbing, finding joy in conquering her fear of heights a step at a time. After earning her degrees at Columbia university in the early 1960s, conway went west into a computer research career and into climbing in Yosemite and the sierra nevada. By then she knew what she had.

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In June 2015, Ontario became first province to ban 'conversion therapy for lgbtq children. In December 2015, camh wound down its gender identity clinic services, closed Zucker's infamous reparative therapy clinic for transgender youth, and fired Zucker. Thus ended a tragic chapter in the dark-history of rogue 20th century social 'science'. As I shifted into writing memoirs about my adventur es, education and career (below my earlier trans-advocacy pages finally passed into history (see archived pre-2012 mainpage). Even so, those pages still get many hits and are an ongoing source of hope for many people. We give thanks to the courageous transitioners who volunteered for early listing in the " successes " pages way back in 2000 when such exposure could have led to dangerous backlashes from reactionary lycium transphobic people. Fortunately, those dark days have receded. Nowadays many tens of thousands of transitioners have not only moved on into happy and fulfilling lives, but are also open and proud about their life accomplishments. Adventuring quoem re Adventuring: "It's never too late to have a happy childhood." tom Robbins "you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take." wayne Gretzky "A ship in port is safe, but thats not what ships are built for. " Grace hopper Transgender pioneer reflects on sports past by ross Forman, windy city times September 18, 2013 Lynn Conway is a transgender pioneer whose longtime passion has been sports, particularly adventure sports. She's overcome two similar life obstacles (transitioning and a fear of heights) en route to her current state: a 75-year-old Michigan resident—reflective and respected, passionate and accomplished, innovative and intelligent. "In a strange way, while rock-climbing years ago i was learning exactly what I needed to transition, learning how to overcome fear conway said. conway

The site also promoted the movement towards supportive treatment of transgender children and teens, as dynamic groups such as Trans youth Family Allies (tyfa) organized to donkey help the families of such children. . by the late 00's, many young transitioners were succeeding way beyond expectations, especially those using puberty-delaying therapies pioneered by norman Spack,. So as to avoid gender-inappropriate pubertal changes prior to transition. This movement gained increasing traction amongst parents, counselors, physicians, and even school systems (including schools in Toronto, zucker's home-base). It was clearly the wave of the future. As work on my early trans-advocacy pages wound-down, i focused in on the Trans News Updates (TNU) to monitor ongoing changes in social and media attitudes about gender variance. . In a special tnu section I documented the increasing exposure of the pathologizing teachings of the psychiatric establishment, the increasing efforts to remove gender variance as a 'mental illness' from the dsm (the jättenattljusolja psychiatrists' bible the exposure of Zucker's role in the institutionalized academic suppression. During the ensuing period from a wave of social consciousness began spreading wide and far about the horrors imposed by childhood gender conversion therapy. . For more about these events, see the brilliant exposé of the psychiatric superstition and malfeasance during this era compiled by kelley winters,. In her gid reform website, and in her book gender Madness in American Psychiatry: Essays in the Struggle for Dignity. In March 2015, the exponentiating revulsion against Zuckers childhood conversion therapy triggered a public outcry in Ontario, prompting camh to review its controversial treatment of trans youth. Zuckers world then began to fall apart.

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The investigation led to bailey's resignation as Chair of the northwestern University's Psychology department, and to his eventual decline into professional indiscretions, disgrace and obscurity. The bailey fiasco became a defining moment in trans history by exposing psychiatric theories about gender variance to be absurdly unsound, including those of academic psychiatrist paul McHugh,. D., a prominent National Academy member. . Sadly the Academies never expressed regret for their misguided support and heavy-handed cellulite promotion of bailey's malignant science giving us ' the silent treatment' instead. They did, however, quietly remove bailey's embarrassingly unscientific book from the nap website. During, my site became a focal point for the investigation and exposure of Ken Zucker's trans-reparatist treatment of gender-variant children at camh in Toronto. Zucker had for years been the autocratic thought-leader behind the systemic psychological pathologization of gender variance.* As the site began exposing Zucker's activities, he became enraged and threatened a lawsuit in efforts to shut it down. I responded by exposing Zucker's threat ( see video triggering a tidal wave of trans-rebellion against what he was doing. Note: Zucker's carefully-built facade as a 'scientific authority' was deconstructed in 2011-12 by the. Gavriel gavi ansara and his faculty advisor Peter Hegarty in their quantitative empirical study "Cisgenderism in psychology: pathologising and misgendering children from 1999 to 2008", published in the journal Psychology sexuality. . Ansara and Hegarty's investigation documented that authors from mental health professions were significantly more trans-pathologising than authors from other professions, and identified Zucker as the leader of an 'invisible college' of group-think researchers who collectively-exploited such pathologising language to impose their discriminatory gender ideology on scientific. In 2012, Ansara won the American Psychological Association's Transgender Research Award for this research.


As more college-age transwomen obtained good educations and went on to better careers, increasing numbers were able to afford. The site also exposed, as a myth, the time-worn pronouncement that transsexualism is 'extremely rare'. For decades the psychiatric community had promulgated trans-prevalence numbers that were too small by a factor of 100, thus hiding from the public the large numbers of transpeople who were suffering from discrimination, social marginalization huidzorg and inadequate health-care. Worse yet, much of the discrimination against transpeople was itself caused by the very same psychiatrists' pronouncements that gender variance was a 'mental illness'. In April of 2003, a wonderful woman named. Sofia iglesias translated the "Successes page" into, spanish, and we became good friends. Sofia went on to translate even more pages, to help young transitioners in her country mexico and all across the Americas. As others saw the impact of Sofia's work, volunteers began translations into many other languages; the resultuing international translation project escalated rapidly in scope and coverage, bringing support to ever more trans-people around the world. During, the site became a focal point (along with Andrea james' ts roadmap ) for the investigation and exposure of the publication. Michael bailey's transphobic pseudo-science book by the national Academies.

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Lynn Conway, university of Michigan 27yward., Ann Arbor, mi m, links to earlier key pages in website: Trans News Updates : news archive reveals how media spins and public attitudes evolved over time. Transitioning Early in Life : For information on childhood gender variance and teenage transitions, see this link. Link to mainpage as of 2012. Reflections As my trans-Advocacy pages Pass into history. See also mementos From Trans-Advocacy, below, cost in the early 2000's, this website began providing gender transitioners with information, encouragement and hope for a better future. Among its most popular sections were the ". Transsexual Women's Successes " and successful Transmen ". . Back then, trans women especially were considered sexually-deviant and mentally-ill by prejudiced psychiatrists and psychologists. By compiling stories of those who went on to fulfilling lives after transition, the pages undermined the pathologization of gender variance by prominent psychiatric thought leaders and provided role models and hope for the many people then in transition. The site then documented opportunities for young transpeople to transition anonymously and successfully while in college, and encouraged universities to provide more supportive environments for these transitioners; as the decade progressed, such college-age transitions became increasingly common. The site also educated transwomen about the remarkable facial feminization surgeries (FFS) pioneered by, douglas Ousterhout,. Although ffs involves expensive, invasive and painful maxillofacial reconstruction, it could significantly reverse facial-skeletal damages caused by gender-inappropriate pubertal hormones enabling many transitioned women to live more fulfilling lives.

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He was elected a fellow of the royal Society at age 39, was awarded the walcott Medal of the national Academy of Sciences in 1987 4 and the lyell Medal of the geological Society of London in 1998. Citation needed work edit conway morris is based in the department of Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge and is best known for his work on the cambrian explosion the burgess Shale fossil fauna and similar deposits in China and Greenland. In addition to working in these countries he has undertaken research in Australia, canada, mongolia and the United States.

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He is professor of evolutionary palaeobiology in the department of Earth Sciences at Cambridge. He is renowned for his insights into early evolution and his studies of paleobiology. He gave the royal Institution Christmas Lecture in 1996 on the subject of The history in our Bones.

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Bristol University, achieving a first Class Honours degree. He then moved. Cambridge University and completed a phD at, st John's College under Harry Blackmore Whittington.

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Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge since 1995. 2, contents, biography edit, early years edit, conway morris was born on 6 november 1951. Carshalton, surrey, he was brought up in London, England. 3 and went on to study geology.

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The results of these discoveries were celebrated. Stephen jay gould 's 1989 book, wonderful Life. Conway morris's own book on the subject, The Crucible of Creation (1998 however, is critical of gould's presentation and interpretation. Conway morris, a, christian, holds to theistic views of biological evolution. He has held the Chair of evolutionary palaeobiology in the.

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From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. This person's surname is, conway morris, not, morris. Simon Conway morris, fRS (born 1951) is an English palaeontologist known for his study of the fossils of the burgess Shale and the.

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